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All Plumbers Are The Same...
Or Are They?
How can I Pick ONE?

To find the RIGHT Plumber, ask these 8 Questions

1. Meet the local licensing requirements?
2. Do they have references and testimonials to back up claims?
3. Insure your home and ALL workers while they are on your property?
4. Do they carry up to 90% of required parts at all times?
5. Have the price quoted is the price you pay guarantee?
6. Have a ONE YEAR warranty that covers both PARTS & LABOR?
7. Have a 15 minute on-time arrival guarantee?
8. Do they leave the jobsite, your home, office or building as it should be?

Most people are not aware of the pertinent and relevant issues in choosing a good plumber.


Frustration about not understanding building design and construction well enough to make good decisions.
Confusion about what your options are.
Skepticism that a contractor can do what they say they can.
Anxiety that you are being overcharged for the work completed.