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Questions to Ask to Ensure Your Plumber (Even Honest Ones)
Won't Take Any Shortcuts When Working on Your Plumbing and Heating Jobs
Ask these 4 questions to be sure your plumber doesn't take shortcuts that will cause problems later.
Do they ask qualifying questions before they come to your home so they know exactly what they'll be working on?

In today's hectic environment and pressure to get the next job, having the right materials and parts on hand is critical. We make sure we have what we need to do the job right the first time, every time. There is no temptation to just do it "good enough" because we have what we need to do it right.

How many parts do they carry on each vehicle?

Many companies try to save money on parts inventory, so they keep their stock at the central location. We know the importance of time and scheduling, so we do not drive back to a central location to get parts. We have what we need, when we need it.

Who is doing the work?

We have a combined experience of over 38 years. We have the experience to know what it takes to fix it right the first time.

Can They Back Up What They Claim?

We have worked on thousands of jobs over the last 15 years in business as Kelly & Culliinane Heating & Plumbing Ltd and even more when we were independent before that. We have countless happy clients and there’s a reason our clients keep coming back. We can back up our claim – get in contact now. We do it right the first time, every time.